Dear Santa


Christmas is approaching, and there are a few items on my wishlist this year, as indeed every year. This year I wish for a polariodcamera. I always wanted one when I was a kid, and now I just think I could be supercreative with it. And creativity I love. I also want this supercomfy scarf from ACNE. It is a bit pricey at 999,- but it is soooo so soft, and soooo so warm. I would like the book Sy om by Jenny Skavland to get ideas how to update my wardrobe with the things I currently own. And last but not least, I would love a monetary giftcard because I am going to London in March and it would be great with some spendingmoney.

“So to everyone – enjoy the christmasseason we are about to enter into”

I know I am very much looking forward to this season – I for one have started listening to christmasmusic. A bit early maybe – but who’s here to judge..? 🙂




I loooove baking, and this is the latest batch of loveliness the family has had the joy of consuming. Seeing as we are approaching Christmas I am sure there will be a lot more baking to be done i the near future.

“Oh and by the way – I have got some exciting news!”

In January I will open this place – so if you like DIY’s, cooking, baking and travelling I suggest you tune in to that site in January 🙂



Have you ever seen the rain..?



Photos: Mrs.Kernan


When I was younger – before iPods, TV’s in the bedroom and laptops with access to more Entertainment than you could ever imagine – I used to lay in bed listening to the rain at night. It is such a soothing sound. Quite cosy as well, beeing nice and snug under the duvet in a warm bed and listening to the storms outside.
I never seem to do that anymore. Until the other night, when I was totally exhausted after tending to my little boy who is teething, and had had a particulary bad day. He was finally sleeping and I couldn’t turn the light on in fear of waking him up. So no TV, no book no nothing. Just me and the rain… And it felt quite nice. All of a sudden I felt less stressed than in a long time. The sound of the rain might just do that to you.  It almost makes me wish for rain more often…


Happy Halloween




Photos: Mrs.Kernan

Happy Halloween everybody. Yesterday was the scariest day of the year, and I had baked 40 cupcakes to give to the kids that arrived on our door. They proved a great success and my stepdaughters made sure to tell me I had to bake more of these cupcakes for another occation. 
I love Halloween..

“Actually – I love all seasons where I can bake and decorate.”

When the youngest girl in the family proclaimed she was sad halloween was over, I said – well soon it is christmas, and we can look forward to that instead. And I do love christmas. In this house, the planning IS ON! 🙂






photo: Mrs. Kernan

…is something we decide to take these days. Time to play together in the babygym. Time to take pictures of each other. Well – its me taking pictures of the boy I guess. Time to snuggle on the sofa watching Timmy time together. Time to make food, to bake, to eat , time to see friends. And if things are taking a bit more time than we expected, then we just leave out some of the tasks on the program. We can always tidy the house tomorrow.  As long as I am home with this little cherub, I have decided we are not going to stress with anything. We will spend our time slowly.

“It is better to have do few things fully, and truly enjoy them, rather than run around doing many things halfway and halfheartedly.”

So we live our lives in OUR pace these days – and our pace is just perfect!

PS! I do kiddiephotography if you are interested – take a look at my webpage here if you have a wedding, a baby, a family or whatever you would like to have photographed and hung on the wall. 


I’m in love

Yes – I am very much in love with both my husband and my son. And I do know I promised this blog would not be about things that costs money.

“But I actually do find a joy in saving up for something I really want.”

And I do have a big passion for photography. Despite the fact I am a lucky owner of a very good camerahouse already – this video just melted my heart… Call me strange – but it gives me goosebumps.  I’ve been looking for a back-up camerahousing for my weddingphotographybusiness. Part of the reason for that is it is always useful to have in case something breaks on assignments. Another part of it is because my husband is starting to take part in my passion and need a camera as well. I never however  thought of backing it up with an even better camera. But I love estetics and I might be a bit strange, but I just cannot stop watching this film about the Nikon D800. The thought of all the amazing photos and videos I will be able to shoot with this camera. The film is In it’s own way just so beautifully made. They are really selling it to me… And I guess that is what they are trying to do so congratulations to them for a job well done.


When it rains…


Photo: Mrs Kernan

I love sunny days and summer. Nice days lounging on the beach, getting a tan, reading a book and just being very comfortable. Unfortunately we do not have many days like that in my hometown. So I’ve learned to love the autumn rain as well. Unless it pours down and you get soaking wet just by walking from the door the three meters to your car, I really do not mind putting my wellies on and feel the rain on my face. My dog loves it too.  Jumping through puddles and getting really muddy. And I am seriously laughing at how he runs around poking his nose into everything.

“He is like a little kid around the place.”

Which probably isn’t very strange seeing as he is still a kid at 9 months old now. And one can choose to get frustrated when he comes home and decides to jump straight into the sofa with all the leaves and mud stuck into his fur – but after telling him off properly – as one should with a dog – one can’t help but smile at his little personality. After all  sofas can be cleaned or even replaced, but all the funny incidents that little dog has ben involved in during his seven months in the Kernan residence, they cannot be bought for money.


What’s not to love?



photos: Mrs Kernan

My boy has become quite the little acrobat lately. Pulling his feet, and kicking his legs about. Not rarely can I see a little foot poking up form the crib just before he falls asleep. And I love watching his little moves. I could easily watch him for hours on end.

It is strange how such little things in life can bring us so much joy.

Part of me don’t want him to get any bigger. He is just so perfect the way he is now. At the same time I am so excited to see what he will be like in future, how his little personality will appear and what he will look like when he grows older. It truly is exciting times. 🙂



Made with love


I am not going to pretend to be a supermom – however, I do love to cook for my family. This also goes for my baby, who is starting to get the taste of the varietys in this culinary world.

“And all time favourite is rice and carrots.”

And instead of buying, it is quite nice to make it at home.  I wish I had the time to do this all the time. I don’t. But when I do take the time to mix him some mash, I love it, and it makes me feel good as well. Making healthy food for the most precious little man in my life. I aim to make all his food for him from hereon in – but I will probably have to succumb to the odd jar of babyfood now and then anyway… And to be honest – I am not going to be ashamed of that either. 🙂




photo: Mrs Kernan

As it happens, I’ve spent all my life waiting for the next big thing. It really is true when they say most people spend their weeks waiting for Friday, the year waiting for summer and their lives waiting for happiness. I know I have always been too busy to actually LIVE while Im living. There is nothing wrong in looking forward to things – however, I’ve recently come to the realisation that I very often think back on events thinking “that was fun”. However – at the time I was too busy looking forward to something else to actually realise I was enjoying myself. Hopefully then having realised this, I will be able to sit down and enjoy the moments from hereon in.